About Us

For all the Rock'n Rollers, the Gypsies and Visionaries
those that go their own way, even in company;
Let SMOKE AND ROSE inspire your dreams 
& liberate your routine with vintage inspired fashions for the dreamer inside of you!

Smoke And Rose is a retaliation and a response to the world of “fast fashion” - off-the-rack cookie cutter designs made for imaginary women and men, for real people to squeeze and shoehorn their way into, discarding whatever personality doesn’t fit the Procrustean bed. Instead, Smoke And Rose is about the little things; the Devil is in the details, after all, but so are the Angels, the Mermaids and the Unicorns.

Smoke And Rose takes influence from the entire world, not just emulating pre-existing forms and cuts for quick profit. Designer Tila Hanthaley is as inspired by music, fine art, her own personal background in and around the West Coast and Pacific Northwest as she is from cultures further abroad. No matter where or what she is inspired by, Tila uses the finest hand-picked materials sourced from local providers and made in collaboration with local artisans to ensure the highest possible quality and most ethical practices during every step of a Smoke And Rose garment’s creation.

Like the name suggests, Smoke And Rose is both timeless and ephemeral - as classic as a love poem, but wisping like sandalwood incense in the breeze of contemporary trends. Speak eloquently about who and what you are, without ever making a sound, every time you put on a Smoke And Rose creation.


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